Programming at the AACP Annual Meeting

In addition to winning the Innovations in Teaching Award and numerous poster presentations, the MN delegation to the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting in July 2015 was also actively involved in delivering programming. We have a lot to share because our faculty and students made many contributions this year!

National Conversations

Faculty at the UMN-COP are advancing pharmacy education by contributing to national conversations. At AACP, they presented their knowledge and experience gleaned from working on various projects, which will potentially impact all colleges/schools of pharmacy, faculty, and students.

Caroline Gaither
Caroline Gaither
  • Dr. Caroline Gaither and her colleagues presented The Pharmacists Workforce and Recruitment Phenomenon and discussed its implications for pharmacy education. One key finding, based on 2014 National Pharmacists Workforce Survey, which could impact pharmacy education is the shift from 13% of respondents reporting their pharmacies offered medication therapy management (MTM) services in 2004 to 60% offering MTM at their practice sites in 2014.

  • Dean Marilyn Speedie was part of the Special Committee on Admissions, which presented their work in the session Report of the Work of the Special Committee on Admissions: A Call to Action.  The committee’s work included evaluating innovative admissions practices in other professions and making recommendations for a holistic approach to identify students who will thrive in the profession.

  • AACP has new Distinguished and Emerging Teaching Scholar recognitions that will emphasize evidence-based teaching and dissemination of teaching advancements. For those interested in submitting for these awards, Dr. Kristin Janke and her colleagues presented Writing Your Scholarly Teaching (ST) and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Narrative.
Timeless Topics

UMN-COP faculty shared their insights on perennial topics of interest. Through their presentations, they contributed to ongoing conversations and emphasized what has been learned over time.

  • Jeannine Conway
    Jeannine Conway

    Dr. Jeannine Conway, with colleagues from the University of Kentucky and University of Wisconsin-Madison, gave a presentation on Identifying and Establishing Mentors for those interested in an academic career.

  • The editors at INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy, based here at the MN-COP, and Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning (CPTL) presented Basic Skills for Becoming Effective Reviewers, which was geared to new faculty.

  • Use of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) cycle has been a mainstay for 4th year students at the UMN-COP for many years. Dr. Kristin Janke, along with colleagues from Drake University, the University of Maryland, and Samford University presented Continuing Professional Development: A Primer for Students and Faculty.
Experiences at MN-COP

Drawing on their experiences in the classroom and at experiential sites, faculty and graduate students presented the processes, outcomes and lessons learned from various educational endeavors here at the MN-COP.

  • Tim Stratton
    Tim Stratton

    Dr. Tim Stratton and colleagues in the Health Care Ethics Special Interest Group (SIG) discussed Incorporating Ethics Discussions into the Pharmacy Curriculum in Non-Ethics Courses in order to share best practices with the audience.

  • Drs. Kerry Fierke and Gardner Lepp gave a mini-session presentation on Using the Intention/Reflection Practice to Stimulate Student Engagement based on their own experiences in the classroom.

  • Dr. Shannon Reidt presented a roundtable discussion on working with students in transitions of care settings while on rotation as part of the Geriatrics SIG session: Geriatric Education: Considerations From Classroom Implementation to Practice Experience Integration.

  • Drs. Claire Kolar and Todd Sorensen shared their experiences with the Practice-Education Dialogue in Pharmacy (PED-Rx) event at the Leadership SIG roundtable session Leadership Development for the Masses: Meeting the CAPE 2013 Outcomes and ACPE 2016 Standards.

Stay tuned over the next few months as many of these projects get profiled in more detail.

Curriculum Advances at MN-COP

Faculty at the MN-COP also had the opportunity to share advances being made on a curricular level and present specific examples in the classroom and in experiential settings to standing-room only crowds.

Amy Pittenger
Amy Pittenger
  • Dr. Amy Pittenger and her colleagues at the University of Washington and the University of Kansas shared their experiences with Interprofessional Education (IPE) in the session Gearing up for Intentional IPE During APPEs: Are Your Sites and Preceptors Ready?

  • Drs. Tim Stratton, Shannon Reidt and Kristin Janke discussed research experiences for students along with colleagues at the University of Michigan. The session, Innovative Approaches to Implementing Required Research Experiences in Doctor of Pharmacy Curricula, explored the role required research can play in building students evidence-based medicine skills and in preparing them to solve practice-based problems.

  • Drs. Kerry Fierke and Kristin Janke have been collaborating with faculty at Regis University to study Emotional Intelligence (EI) in pharmacy students. They delivered a Team-Based Learning session focused on guidance for faculty interested in Incorporating Emotional Intelligence Into the Pharm.D. Curriculum.

    Kerry Fierke and Kristin Janke are joined by their colleages Brandon Sucher (L) and Michael Nelson from Regis University to present on Emotional Intelligence.
    Kerry Fierke and Kristin Janke are joined by their colleages Brandon Sucher (L) and Michael Nelson from Regis University to present on Emotional Intelligence.

In addition to pursuing their own professional development and dissemination of our work, the MN-COP faculty and students also participated in the Sections, SIGs, and Councils, commenting on issues relevant to the academy, and participating in planning for the upcoming year.

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