Project Profile: Team-Based Learning

The Effects of Team-Based Learning on Student Accountability and Engagement

Why did we undertake this evaluative work on team-based learning (TBL)?
Anita Sharma, Project Lead
Anita Sharma, Project Lead

TBL is a notable transition for students. The beneficial effects on student preparedness are readily apparent to instructors and have been discussed in conferences and papers. However, anecdotal information indicates that student satisfaction may decrease at least initially, presumably because of more accountability and more expectation for active student involvement. We sought to understand and document accountability, satisfaction, and preferences (e.g.TBL vs Lecture) more systematically and thoroughly. We also assessed student engagement, comparing TBL and traditional lecture.

What does this work add to pharmacy’s understanding of the outcomes of TBL?

A number of colleges/schools have reported on the effects of TBL on exam scores. Information on accountability, satisfaction, preferences and engagement aids in further understanding the value of TBL. It also helps us to prepare for and respond to student perspectives and concerns as the transition is being made.

The abstract for this work can be viewed here

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Project Lead: Anita Sharma, Pharm.D., 2nd year Pharmaceutical Care Leadership Resident

Additional Team Members: Wendy St. Peter, Pharm.D. and Kristin Janke, Ph.D.