Introducing the Scholarly Teaching Series

This week MinneSOTL is beginning a series on Scholarly Teaching. One of our goals with this blog is to advance SOTL. Advancing SOTL often starts with Scholarly Teaching (ST). So, over the next few months we will be highlighting the steps of the Scholarly Teaching cycle by profiling ongoing research projects. Our hope is to show how our faculty and students are engaging in ST and provide some structure for embarking on your own Scholarly Teaching or SOTL project.

Scholarly Teaching, as defined by Richlin (2001), has 8 steps:


How does Scholarly Teaching differ from SOTL?

According to Richlin and Cox (2004), “the purpose of Scholarly Teaching is to effect the activity of teaching and the resulting learning, while the Scholarship of Teaching [and Learning] results in a formal, peer-reviewed communication in appropriate media or venues, which then becomes part of the knowledge base of teaching and learning in higher education.”   In other words, scholarly teaching aims to make a difference locally, but SOTL aims to add to the knowledge base.

The training of future SOTL scholars

A number of graduate students and residents at the MN-COP have expressed an interest in learning more about Scholarly Teaching and SOTL. As a result, the SOTL Journal Club was launched this fall to support the growth and development of these students and residents in scholarship related to teaching and learning. The goal of this journal club is to illustrate ST and SOTL in practice and create dialogue around current publications.

To learn more about Scholarly Teaching and SOTL:

The Centre for Discovery in Learning at the University of Saskatchewan has a nice discussion of the Activities of Scholarly Teachers for you to read and think about as you consider your teaching.

The University of Aukland builds on Dr. Richlin’s work and provides further discussion of Scholarly Teaching and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  

The Vanderbuilt University Center for Teaching introduces A Scholarly Approach to Teaching and goes on to provide a step-by-step guide to Doing SOTL.

The Karen L. Smith Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Central Florida has some resources to help with SOTL projects at various stages – Designing and Beginning; Implementing and Managing; Writing and Publishing.

The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada published a newsletter which has a succinct discussion of Scholarly Teaching and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning if you’re looking for something to save for reference or share with colleagues.

You can read more about the status of Scholarly Teaching in Pharmacy here.

Stay tuned for the next series installment – Scholarly Teaching Series Part 1: Observe a Problem or Opportunity – coming soon!Scholarly Teaching Series Logo


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Richlin, L., & Cox, M. D. (2004). Developing scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning through faculty learning communities. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Spring(97), 127–135.