Celebrating 5 years of INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy!

INNOV in Pharm ImageThe Wulling Center is pleased to work with the journal INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy.  The journal has been a receptive and responsive place where members of the Center have been able to bring forward new ideas that ultimately influence SOTL publishing practices, such as proposals for new article types.

This fall, the journal celebrates its 5 year anniversary. INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy has a broad scope, covering improvements and advancements in pharmacy practice, education, and policy.  However, it also has a unique focus on innovation.

Jon Schommer
Jon Schommer

INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy has been a communication medium through which authors can present ideas, arguments, and evidence for innovations in pharmacy.” 

— Dr. Jon Schommer, Editor-in-Chief

The Education Section of INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy has been a place for work that aims to alter perceptions, shift expectations or change the way we organize, deliver or evaluate pharmacy education.

“The education section of INNOVATIONS can be considered a sandbox for SOTL-related publication in pharmacy education.  Over the past two years, with our flexibility, we have been able to launch two new articles types, providing scholarly options for disseminating work at various phases of investigation.”

— Dr. Kristin Janke, Chair, Education Section

The Education Section of the Editorial Board is chaired by Dr. Kristin Janke and includes Dr. Katherine Kelley (The Ohio State University), Dr. Andrea Franks (University of Tennessee), and Dr. Claire Kolar (University of Minnesota). Together, this group works to ensure the Journal seeks and celebrates innovation in pharmacy education.

Katherine Kelley
Katherine Kelley

INNOVATIONS provides an additional outlet for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in pharmacy specifically. It also gives opportunities for scholarly writing in different kinds of formats. The innovative formats give faculty and students additional ways to show their work.”

— Dr. Katherine Kelley, Editorial Board Member

All are invited to submit an article for publication as an Idea Paper, Case Study Report, Research Article, or other article type that best fits your work. Specific guidelines related to the Idea Paper and Case Study Report are available. The editorial board members welcome questions regarding a project’s fit for the journal or the specifications of particular article types.  

After an exciting five years, what’s next?  INNOVATIONS is currently working with Publishing Services at the University of Minnesota Libraries to move to the BePress Journal Management System.  This system will aid us in better serving our authors throughout the review and publishing processes and will provide a smooth, enhanced, interface for our readers.

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