Amy Pittenger Selected for Academy of Excellence in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

On November 16th, 2015, Dr. Amy Pittenger was inducted into the Academic Health Center’s Academy of Excellence in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at the University of Minnesota. The Academy recognizes those who have “demonstrated exceptional scholarly contributions to advance learning in their schools and across academic programs.”

Dr. Pittenger is a leader in pharmacy and interprofessional education locally and nationally. Dr. Pittenger also has a strong research foundation and her many publications and presentations emphasize her commitment to improving student learning. A colleague at the University of Texas, Austin, Veronica Young, states:

Through my work with many colleagues from pharmacy and other professions on IPE, I have come to recognize that a true IPE champion is a rare find. It requires an individual who can fully appreciate the intent of IPE, cares about the students’ learning process, is open to sharing innovations without turf concerns, is able to persevere through seemingly insurmountable barriers, and is genuinely interested in transforming how healthcare is delivered. I see in Dr. Pittenger these qualities and I have no doubt she will continue to serve as a champion and role model for interprofessional education and collaborative practice.

Dr. Pittenger has taught over 15 different courses that have included a number of professional disciplines, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and physical therapy students, as well as undergraduate students.  In addition to her work in interprofessional education, Dr. Pittenger has been an innovator in the use of technology, with a recent project involving cleanroom simulation using avatar-based gaming.  Dr. Pittenger is honored by this recognition and is appreciative of all the MN College of Pharmacy has done for her. She states:

I am really grateful for the investment [in me] and have worked and (continue to work) hard to make sure the College gets a good return on that investment. I have also been fortunate to work with the many great educators and scholars at the Academic Health Center and wider University of Minnesota community. I have benefitted from this collaboration immensely!

Congratulations Dr. Pittenger on this honor and all your achievements in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning!

Amy and Colleagues
Dr. Amy Pittenger (center) with Dean Marilyn Speedie (L) and Senior Associate Dean Randy Seifert (R)