Publication Record: Winter 2015/16

UM-CoP Faculty continue to innovate in the new curriculum and to share their insights with pharmacy educators.   Below is a roundup of our recent publications.

Assessment and Evaluation

A Five-Year Evaluation of Examination Structure

Dr. Anne Schullo-Feulner has been teaching in Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy for many years. In this article, Dr. Schullo-Feulner, with collaborators Dr. Kristin Janke and graduate student Dr. Claire Kolar, examined five years of exam data. You can read more about the variables they used in this analysis, the results of instructional changes like practice cases using audience-response and the seven guidelines they developed for exam structuring by visiting the full article here.

Course and Curriculum Design

Making a Curricular Commitment to Continuing Professional Development

In a Statement article in AJPE, Dr. Kristin Janke and her colleague from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy advocate for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to be used as a way to promote self-directed lifelong learning among pharmacy students and graduates. Read more about the five recommendations they have for supporting CPD in curricula here.

Related Issues in Pharmacy Education

Utilization of Advanced Health Profession Students as Interprofessional Facilitators

Drs. Amy Pittenger and Kerry Fierke collaborated with their colleagues at the U of MN’s School of Nursing and School of Dentistry to train and evaluate advanced health profession students in their roles as facilitators for small groups of students engaged in interprofessional education (IPE) activities. Read more about how their leadership and facilitation skills compared to faculty facilitators and the educational impact here.