Scholarly Teaching Series Part 8: Check Results Against Baseline

This is the eighth post in the Scholarly Teaching Series. Building off the work of Richlin (2001), we are highlighting various projects at the MN-COP to illustrate each step in the Scholarly Teaching process. Check Results Against Baseline Here are steps in the Scholarly Teaching process we have covered so far: Step 1: Observe a … More Scholarly Teaching Series Part 8: Check Results Against Baseline

Project Profile: Script Concordance Test

Developing and Assessing Clinical Reasoning Skills in Pharmacy Education Drs. Kylee Funk and Sarah Schweiss have been interested in methods for giving students more opportunities to practice their clinical reasoning skills. They recently implemented a clinical reasoning activity, the Script Concordance Test (SCT), in the diabetes module of a therapeutics course. The SCT is a … More Project Profile: Script Concordance Test

Project Profile: Becoming a Pharmacist

Student Pharmacist Engagement and Learning Outcomes in a Three-Week Becoming a Pharmacist Course What is Becoming a Pharmacist (BaP)? BaP is a three week course at the beginning of our new curriculum. During this 14 day experience, students have no other courses. The focus is on transitioning to professional education, becoming familiar with the disciplines … More Project Profile: Becoming a Pharmacist