Introducing the SoTL Collaboration Series

Over the next few weeks on the MinneSOTL Blog we will be profiling various types of collaborations in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Whether you are already active in many collaborations or looking for ways to work with others, our hope is you will take away some ideas and inspiration for your own work by learning about existing collaborations and what makes them productive team environments.

Many factors can affect the success of collaborations, which we will highlight over the course of ths series. These factors can be related to the people involved in collaborations, the process of collaborating, or the purpose of the collaboration (Mattessich, 2001). For example:

People: How do people’s skills and capabilities complement one another in the group? Do collaborators have mutual respect, understanding, and trust for each other?

Process: Are individual’s roles in the group clearly defined? Are the members able to participate in decision-making?

Purpose: Does the collaboration have specific goals and objectives? Do the group members have a shared vision for the collaboration?

Over the 2013-2014 school year the American Association of College of Pharmacy Council of Faculties (AACP-CoF) assembled a task force, the Task Force to Enhance Development of Successful Consortia and Collaborations, to put forth ways meaningful collaborations could be fostered among members. One outcome of their work was to provide a way for AACP members to designate their expertise on their member profile, which gives those seeking collaborators a way to find others with similar or complementary interests.

What are your areas of expertise?

Do others know you have expertise in these areas?

What other characteristics or skills might you look for in collaborative partners besides areas of expertise?

These are some of the questions we will explore in this SoTL Collaboration Series as we look at local and national, interdisciplinary and intercollegiate collaborations in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


Mattessich, P.W., Murray-Close, M. & Monsey, B.R. 2001, Collaboration: what makes it work. A review of research literature on factors influencing successful collaboration, 2nd edn, Wilder Publishing Center, Saint Paul, MN.


SOTL Collaboratoin Series Graphic