Developing and Maintaining a Cross Institutional Collaboration with Regis University

This is the third in a series of posts on the MinneSOTL blog profiling various types of collaborations supporting the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).

Cross Institutional Collaborations

Cross Institutional Collaborations form for a variety of reasons – fostering personal relationships, recognizing shared interests, or cooperating on a joint ventures. Faculty at the MN-COP work with colleagues at other pharmacy institutions regularly. Today, we will highlight one collaboration in particular, with Regis University School of Pharmacy.

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From the Regis-Minnesota Collaboration, Brandon Sucher (L), Kerry Fierke, Kristin Janke, and Michael Nelson.

Dr. Michael Nelson was sitting next to Dr. Kerry Fierke at a national pharmacy meeting and the two struck up a conversation that soon led to a discussion of their shared interests in leadership and emotional intelligence. This exchange of ideas continued over email after the conference and each soon brought in others at their respective institutions to begin to discuss ways to pursue their research interests together.

The collaboration, now up to six members, has continued to focus their efforts on leadership and emotional intelligence. The groups has written two papers (see below), presented at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting, and coordinated their efforts in the classroom, learning from each other’s experiences and best practices. Members are currently discussing the next phase of their collaboration and how they can capitalize on this productive and rewarding partnership.

As Dr. Nelson states,

Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson

Collaborating with my colleagues at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy has been fun and enjoyable, full of inspiring conversations that energize me and motivate me to continue to work on my scholarship projects. I believe the quality of the scholarly products we have created is better than anything I could have done on my own.

My experience with a collaboration like this has shown how important it is to continually meet people in your field. The more people you interact with, the greater chance of finding someone you can work well with and whose strengths complement yours. Once these partnerships begin to form, open communication and transparency are key to a productive and beneficial working relationship.

Projects and Publications from the Regis-Minnesota Collaboration

Emotional Intelligence and CAPE Outcomes

The first project the Regis-Minnesota team took on was a Statement in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (AJPE), which explored how the components of Emotional Intelligence (EI) could be used by a college or school of pharmacy to demonstrate competence in the CAPE Outcomes related to self-awareness and professionalism. The group felt it was it was important to first establish the role EI could have in pharmacy education. Read the article here.

Assessing Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Representing very different institutions and, therefore, covering a good breadth of academic pharmacy, the collaborators always wanted to undertake work driven by data from both colleges. This led to the use of the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (EIL) assessment tool by both schools, along with validation of the instrument in pharmacy students, and a crosswalk process aligning the instrument with the CAPE Outcomes.

The team found the EIL instrument may provide colleges and schools with input on a number of competencies in the CAPE Outcomes, such as Interprofessional Communication and Leadership. This manuscript has been accepted for publication and will be available soon!

Team-based Learning

The initial collaboration has lead to additional collaborations in new areas, involving new members.  Regis and Minnesota recently received a grant to support work related to Team-Based Learning!

An Overview of the Regis-Minnesota Collaboration

Purpose: The goal of this cross institutional collaboration is to support scholarly and educational efforts at and across each institution, primarily in the areas of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.

People: From Regis: Dr. Michael Nelson, Dr. Brandon Sucher, and Dr. Robert Haight.

From Minnesota: Dr. Kerry Fierke, Dr. Kristin Janke, and Dr. Claire Kolar

Process: The group meets regularly via Skype to discuss ongoing research, upcoming classroom activities, and future scholarship directions. In addition, those in attendance use the AACP Annual Meeting as an opportunity to connect face-to-face.

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