Publication Record: Spring 2016

UM-COP Faculty continue to innovate in the new curriculum and to share their insights with pharmacy educators.   Below is a roundup of our recent publications.

Assessment and Evaluation

The use of Pre/Post Tests on Ambulatory Care APPEs

Members of the Ambulatory Care Co-Op at the MN-COP recently completed a study of students’ core knowledge of ambulatory care topics, such as diabetes or anticoagulation. On the 10-week ambulatory care Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE), students completed online modules in specific knowledge areas and participated in topic discussions. Using pre-post testing, the authors found a significant increase in student knowledge scores. Click here to read more.

Contributing Co-Op authors: Dr. Ila Harris, Dr. Shannon Reidt, Dr. Jody Lounsbery, Dr. Jean Moon, Dr. Chrystian Pereira, Dr. Ann Philbrick, Dr. Sarah Westberg, and Sirikan Rojanasarot

Determining Competence in Ambulatory Care APPEs

The Ambulatory Care Co-Op also published a paper on ways to determine competence of pharmacy students on an ambulatory care Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE). The authors measured the patient encounters students had and the clinical skills they performed while on the APPE. The authors found increased exposure to patient encounters and clinical skills were associated with higher competency ratings. Read more here.

Contributing Co-Op Authors: Dr. Jody Lounsbery, Dr. Chrystian Pereira, Dr. Ila Harris, Dr. Jean Moon, Dr. Sarah Westberg, and Dr. Claire Kolar

Course and Curriculum Design

Community within an Online Veterinary Pharmacotherapy Course

Dr. Ann Philbrick began teaching an online veterinary pharmacotherapy course to meet a need in the MN-COP pharmacy curriculum. In this publication, she describes the perceptions of students toward the formation of community in the online environment and to what extent they saw a need for this course in the curriculum. Read more about her findings here.

Integrating Student Leadership Development into Pharm.D. Programs

Dr. Kristin Janke, along with other pharmacy faculty focused on leadership in pharmacy curricula from across the country, recently published an article proposing mechanisms for integrating student leadership development (SLD) into pharmacy programs. Touching on everything from competencies to assessments, the authors advocate for SLD to be embedded in didactic and extracurricular activities from the time a student starts the program until graduation. The authors also present potential resources needed, including administrative and faculty support and a positive environment for SLD. Read more here.

Related Issues in Pharmacy Education

Inviting Commentaries and Letters to the Editors

Drs. Claire Kolar and Kristin Janke worked with colleagues Dr. T. Kristopher Harrell and Dr. Deborah Sturpe to write invitations to Commentaries and Letters to the Editor in Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning (CPTL). In these two publications, the authors discuss the expectations for these article types and put forward author guidelines for CPTL. In addition, the role of these article types in increasing dialogue in scholarly publications is also discussed. Click to read the invitations for Commentary and Letter to the Editor. As you read journal articles or engage in your own scholarly work, watch for opportunities to write a Commentary or Letter to the Editor and consider submitting one!