Disseminating Scholarship: MedEd Day

On May 5th, 2016 six MN-COP faculty presented their scholarly work at the Best Practices in Medical Education Day (MedEd Day), hosted by the Medical Educator Development and Scholarship (MEDS) program at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

These six MN-COP faculty had different motivations for disseminating their work at MedEd day, but all wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to share scholarship with their medical school peers.

Developing and Administering a Modified Fresno Test to Evaluate Evidence Based Medicine Skills – Shannon Reidt and Kristin Janke

Drs. Shannon Reidt and Kristin Janke gave a lightning round presentation on their work with the Modified Fresno Test, part of the College’s Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) sequence. In our curriculum, the test is a first year milestone assessment in which students put their EBM skills to work and receive specific feedback based on their ability level. When reflecting on her presentation at MedEd Day, Dr. Reidt stated:

Reidt_Shannon180x222For our Fresno team, presenting at MedEd day was a great opportunity to share our challenges and successes in assessing evidence-based medicine (EBM) skills in pharmacy students.  EBM skills are required for all health care providers so participating at interprofessional conferences is a nice way to learn how other professions approach EBM skills instruction.

PED-Rx: A “TED-like” Event Creating Dialogue Between Students and Practitioners – Todd Sorensen

Dr. Todd Sorensen also presented a lightning round on PED-Rx, an event series designed to bring together students and practitioners for memorable, engaging and meaningful conversations on a contemporary issue in pharmacy. Dr. Sorensen stated:

DSC_5377 (1)The value of presenting at MedEx day was the opportunity to share the application of an instructional strategy and stimulate new thinking on the part of the audience members.  Also, presenting provided added incentive to attend the event, which provided me opportunities to be presented with new ideas that will shape my teaching activities.

Experience with the Script Concordance Test to Develop Clinical Reasoning Skills in Pharmacy Students – Kylee Funk

Dr. Kylee Funk gave a lightning round presentation on an activity she and Dr. Sarah Schweiss implemented in a therapeutics course to encourage pharmacy students’ clinical reasoning skills, the Script Concordance Test. In response to presenting at MedEd day, Dr. Funk stated:

Kylee Funk

Presenting at MedEd day was beneficial to the project in that I received valuable feedback from other experts in attendance, who had experiences and expertise that helped my project.  Additionally, the participation gave me personal satisfaction to disseminate the results of our project.

Real Patients; Real Pedagogy: Can we improve experiential education through peer + expert review? – Jean Moon and Anne Schullo-Feulner

Drs. Jean Moon and Anne Schullo-Feulner gave a presentation at MedEd Day on their project Peer Review of Clinical Teaching, a process being piloted to give preceptors an opportunity to evaluate a peer’s clinical teaching skills. When reflecting on sharing their work at MedEd Day, Dr. Schullo-Feulner stated:

amsfPresenting at MedEd day gave me a deeper understanding of the challenges as well as some new ideas around my topic. The folks we spoke with from the Medical School (particularly after the formal presentation) were very open about their program.

moon_jeanDr. Moon stated:

Presenting your work is always a valuable experience as it pushes you to be reflective and open to feedback.


Disseminating one’s work is an important part of the scholarship process. Seek opportunities, large and small, local and national, to disseminate your work. Think about the transferability of your work – would other educators in other health professions benefit from your experience? Consider the stage of your scholarly work – is there an opportunity to get feedback on the initial phases of your work? There are many motivations and outlets for dissemination, so be on the lookout for opportunities and don’t hesitate to submit your work.


MedEd Day 2
Jean Moon & Anne Schullo-Feulner (L) and Todd Sorensen (R) present their scholarly work at MedEd Day.