UMN Colleagues Share Scholarship during Poster Presentations at 2016 AACP Annual Meeting

[Anaheim, Calif.] Faculty and graduate students of the MN-COP showcased posters of their scholarly work to advance pharmacy education this past July at the 2016 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting.

Bethany Anne Von Hoff presenting her work at the AACP Annual Meeting

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Administrative Services

Grant W. Anderson

An Instrument to Manage Faculty Workload and Improve Employee Engagement in an Interdisciplinary Department
Authors: Grant W. Anderson, Ph.D.; Laura A. Fosnacht, Michael T. Swanoski, Pharm.D.; Jacinta M. Herman; Travis J. Fransen

Biological Sciences

Iron Deficiency during Brain Development Alters the Developing Cerebrovasculature
Authors: Thu An Nguyen, M.S., Graduate Student; Carl E. Anderson, B.S., Graduate Student; and Grant W. Anderson, Ph.D.


Experiential Education

Gardner A. Lepp

The Intention/Reflection Practice: A Structured Approach to Promoting Self-Awareness and Measuring Student Learning During APPEs
Authors: Gardner A. Lepp, PhD; Whitney Maxwell, Pharm.D.;
Brandon Sucher, Pharm.D.; Keri Hager, Pharm.D.; Kerry K. Fierke, Ed.D.




Chrystian Pereira

Quality of Patient Encounters as a Predictor of Test Performance in Advances Pharmacy Practice Experiences
Authors: Chrystian Pereira, Pharm.D.; Sirikan Rojansarot, Graduate Student; Keri Hager, Pharm.D.; Ila M. Harris, Pharm.D.; Jean Moon, PharmD; Ann M. Philbrick, Pharm.D.; Shannon Reidt, Pharm.D.; Jody Lounsbery, Pharm.D.



Franklin D. Sayre

Library and Information Science

Assessing Information Resource Access and Habits of Use among Pharmacists
Authors: Franklin D. Sayre, MLIS; Shannon Reidt, Pharm.D.; Eileen M. Harwood, Ph.D.; Christene  Jolowsky, M.S., RPh; Scott Lunos, M.S.; Raquel Rodriguez, Ph.D.



Kylee Funk
Kylee Funk

Pharmacy Practice

Experience with Script Concordance Test to Develop Clinical Reasoning Skills in Pharmacy Students
Authors: Kylee Funk, Pharm.D.; Claire Kolar, Pharm.D., Graduate Student; Sarah Schweiss, Pharm.D.;  Jeffrey Tingen, Pharm.D.; Kristin K. Janke, Ph.D.


Shannon L. Reidt

Instilling a Rational and Methodical Approach to Acquiring Information to Answer Well-Constructed Clinical Questions
Authors: Shannon L. Reidt, Pharm.D.; Franklin Sayre, MLIS; Jennifer Chen, Pharm.D.; Karen Bastianelli, Pharm.D.; Sara Sobota, Pharm.D. Student


Defining Milestones for Evidence-Based Medicine Skill Progression: a Modified Delphi Study      
Authors: Shannon L. Reidt, Pharm.D. and Marion Slack, Ph.D.


Benjamin D. Aronson

Social and Administrative Sciences 

An Instrument to Measure Professional Engagement
Authors: Benjamin D. Aronson, Pharm.D., PhD. and Kristin K. Janke, Ph.D.




Robert A. Bechtol

Using the Strengths Self-Efficacy Scale to Assess Pharmacy Students’ Self-Confidence in Applying Their Personal Strengths
Authors: Robert A. Bechtol, M.S., Graduate Student and Kristin K. Janke, Ph.D.




Bethany Anne Von Hoff

The Use of Weekly “Pulse Checks” in a Professional Development Course for Quality Improvement
Authors: Bethany Anne Von Hoff, Pharm.D., Graduate Student;
Kristin K. Janke, PhD; Paul L. Ranelli, Ph.D.; Julie K. Johnson, Pharm.D.




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