Who and what was shared about our new curriculum at the 2017 AACP Annual Meeting?

Like last year, UMN-COP faculty and graduate students presented posters in a variety of disciplinary areas at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN.

Click on the titles below to read more about each poster.

School Poster on Assessing Student Achievement of CAPE Domain 4

Oscar poster
Dr. Garza and colleagues present the UMN school poster at the AACP Annual Meeting

Empowering Student Pharmacist Innovation and Improving Self-Awareness through a Curricular and Co-Curricular Health Equity Leadership Framework

Authors:  Oscar W. Garza; L’Aurelle A. Johnson; Olihe N. Okoro; and Chrystian R. Pereira


Administrative Services

Dr. Oscar Garza

Assessing Collegiate Climate: Ensuring Success Through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Authors:  Oscar W. Garza and L’Aurelle A. Johnson




Biological Sciences

Dr. Grant Anderson

Development of an Inducible, Autophagy Deficient Mouse Model of Neurologic Disease

Authors:  Grant W. Anderson; Haim Einat; and Carl Anderson



Continuing Professional Development

Kerry and Gardner
(Far left and far right) Drs. Lepp and Fierke smiling for the camera at their poster.




An Introductory Approach to Integrating Leadership and Professionalism into Pharmacy Curriculum

Authors:  Kerry K. Fierke; Gardner A. Lepp; and Forrest Batz




Experiential Education

Frail poster
Dr. Frail eagerly waiting to talk about student-driven practice management activities



Student-Driven Practice Management Activities to Enhance Community Pharmacy and Ambulatory Care APPE

Authors:  Caitlin Frail; Kylee Funk; Keri D. Hager; Amy L. Pittenger; and Jean Y. Moon





Centrally Delivered Curriculum to Create Consistency in Community Pharmacy and Ambulatory Care APPEs

Moon poster
Dr. Moon excited to share about community pharmacy and ambulatory care APPEs

Authors:  Jean Y. Moon and Caitlin Frail





Philbrick poster
Dr. Philbrick presenting on elevating EBM skills during APPEs




Elevating Evidence-Based Medicine Skills through an Integrated Sequence of Activities in Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

Authors:  Ann M. Philbrick; Caitlin Frail; Jean Y. Moon; and Shannon L. Reidt



Bethany poster
Dr. Von Hoff sharing with colleagues about patient encounters during APPEs




Quantity and Type of Patient Encounters During Required Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

Authors:  Bethany Anne Von Hoff, Graduate Student; Caitlin Frail; Scott Chapman; Jody L. Lounsbery; Jean Y. Moon; and Chrystian R. Pereira



Pharmacy Practice

OPIOIDS: Cultivating Interprofessional Collaboration to Find Solutions to Public Health Problems

Authors:  Keri D. Hager; Heather Blue; Lei Zhang; and Laura C. Palombi

K Hager photo
Drs. Hager and Von Hoff discussing the pharmacists’ patient care process

Designing a First Year Ambulatory Practice Experience to Emphasize the Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process

Authors:  Keri D. Hager; Anita Sharma; and Kristin K. Janke


Social and Administrative Sciences

AACP 13 Kristin and Bob
(Left to right) Dr. Janke and Mr. Bechtol smiling at their award winning poster on TBL Application Activities

Developing Consensus on Quality Indicators for Team-Based Learning Application Activities in Pharmacy Education

Authors:  Kristin K. Janke; Robert A. Bechtol, Graduate Student; Gardner A. Lepp; Stephanie F. James; and Peter Clapp

Dr. Janke and colleagues received the Social and Administrative Sciences Section Best Poster Award


AACP 14 Okoro photo
(Left to right) Drs. Okoro and Tim Stratton (Duluth colleagues) smiling for the camera during Dr. Okoro’s poster presentation


Patient Satisfaction With Care Among Low-Income African American Women

Authors:  Olihe N. Okoro and Njoki Kamau




For further information on presentations and abstracts presented at AACP please see the following links:  http://www.ajpe.org/doi/full/10.5688/ajpe815S5 and http://www.ajpe.org/doi/full/10.5688/ajpe815S6.  To all educators, continue to make great strides in advancing pharmacy education and the profession!