Join the 14 Day Pharmacy Writing Challenge

At the Wulling Center, we’ve been trying to start a movement. – a movement that values and celebrates the role of educational scholarship in advancing pharmacy education.  Inspired by this TED Talk, we decided to “start dancing” and see if others might join in.

This August, we held a 10 day Tweet-a-Thon at #RxEdScholar.  It was designed to create dialogue around the exciting aspects of  educational scholarship. August seemed like perfect timing with the energy following the AACP Annual Meeting and attention being put into planning and design of instruction for fall.  To our delight, pharmacy educators from the U.S., Canada and Australia joined in.  Reach extended to 8,000 with nearly 25,000 impressions.  #RxEdScholar is now being used for the AACP Strengthening Educational Scholarship Institute starting next week.

Here we are in November and we’re at it again with #RxWritingChallenge.  Scholarship requires dissemination, but writing can be riddled with pressure and guilt.  To combat this, we’re creating some community and giving people “permission” to make writing a priority for a quick, 14 day writing “sprint.”

All pharmacy educators are invited to participate. Participants are asked to:

1) Write 30 minutes per day (M-F)  for these two weeks.  Any kind of writing counts e.g. outlines, drafts, feedback to co-authors, revisions, responding to reviews.
2) Celebrate progress, in some small way, each day .  e.g. invite a friend to coffee, splurge on a favorite food at the grocery store, take some time to smell the roses.
Sign up here and make your commitment official!  Participants also get 15+ social media banners to help celebrate participation and progress!
Consider inviting a colleague, too.  We’ll see you at #RxWritingChallenge.