A Focus on Resilience in Residency Training

The need for interventions to mitigate burnout in healthcare professionals is a growing need. As the emphasis on resilience training as an antidote to burnout continues to gain momentum, groups are aiming to address this topic through a variety of avenues. In 2017-2018, the UMN Post-graduate Year-1 Pharmacy Residency Program undertook efforts to help residents … More A Focus on Resilience in Residency Training

Fostering Student Commitment through I/R

Compliance or commitment:  What’s better for students? Pharmacy curricula, perhaps now more than ever, must be continually evaluated and updated, based on what appears to be a never-ending deluge of new information, scientific breakthroughs, updated practice standards, etc. Amidst these exciting (and sometimes daunting) changes in pharmacy education, it can be tempting to focus on … More Fostering Student Commitment through I/R