Publication Record: Summer2017

Course and Curriculum Design Beyond the Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process: Cultivating Patient Care Practitioners by Utilizing the Pharmaceutical Care Framework Drs. Claire Kolar, Keri Hager, and Victoria Losinski identify several next steps to promoting the teaching and utilization of the Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process (PCPP). The team identifies the need to not only teach the … More Publication Record: Summer2017

Addressing the Gap: Expanding IPE to Graduate Trainees

Dr. Keri Hager shares the focus of some of her work from her spring 2017 semester leave. Why IPE? It is essential for students in health professional programs to learn the skills necessary to work effectively in a team-based, patient-centered, interprofessional setting. This goal has been clearly articulated in the IHI’s Triple Aim. What is … More Addressing the Gap: Expanding IPE to Graduate Trainees